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What is EASA’s mid term plan on Non-rechargeable Lithium batteries (NRLB) regarding qualification and Means of compliance (MoC) with the Non-rechargeable lithium batteries Special Conditions?


EASA intends that every single non/rechargeable Lithium battery installation shall be compliant with ETSO C142b or that any installation has to assure qualification level according to MOPS DO-227A or later standards. 

The entry into force date will be based on the safety gain resulting from the installation of non-rechargeable lithium batteries meeting this MOPS DO-227A standard (and ff.) and the expected availability of ETSO C142b/DO-227A equipment. 

The upcoming deadline for applications will be set to ensure that an adequate number of equipment compliant with ETSO C142b/DO-227A is available in the market thus leading to a smooth transition to the new approach. 

It will lead to Means of Compliance (MoC) based on installation of ETSO C142a/MOPS DO-227 equipment complemented with a risk assessment at A/C level, as MoC with the Special Conditions applicable to Non-rechargeable Lithium Battery Installations (ref. SC-F25.1353-01) will not be accepted after the entry into force date of the new approach.

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