GA Objectives

6 Objectives we are committed

  1. IFR Flying: Easier access of GA pilots to IFR rating, as a concrete measure that will improve safety.
  2. Training: By end of 2018 the 3rd option for licensing will be fully developed providing a simple system for pilot training outside ATO.
  3. Part-M 'Light': Work towards a simpler and more proportionate framework for aircraft maintenance and license: a Part-M ‘Light’.
  4. Technology: Continue development of  CS-STAN and other similar tools to enable the introduction of new technologies which contribute  to safety.
  5. Simpler Certification: Towards a simpler framework for certifying LSA aircraft in the short term by increasing the support to applicants e.g. workshops , document templates etc. in the long term by amending applicable regulations in order to bring a radical simplification.
  6. Industry Standards: Build on the improvements of CS-23/Part-23 on other CS or regulations in order for EASA to focus on its safety objectives and to delegate the preparation of associated standards to industry groups (ASTM, ASD etc.)