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European Plan for Aviation Safety

EPAS constitutes the regional aviation safety plan for EASA Member States, setting out the strategic priorities, strategic enablers and main risks affecting the European aviation system and the necessary actions to mitigate those risks and to further improve aviation safety. EPAS is a 5-year plan that is constantly being reviewed and improved, and updated on a yearly basis. The plan is an integral part of EASA’s work programme and is developed by EASA in close consultation with the EASA Member States and industry. 

The main objective of EPAS is to further improve aviation safety and environmental protection throughout Europe, while ensuring a level playing field, as well as efficiency/proportionality in regulatory processes. EPAS’ aspirational safety goal is to achieve constant safety improvement within a growing aviation industry. 

How to submit a new proposal to be included in EPAS

A new proposal, such as a new issue or a proposal for a new action to be included in the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) can be submitted at any moment. For this purpose please use the new Candidate Issue Form. This form is meant to encompass a larger range of proposals for actions, including proposals for new rulemaking tasks/activities as well as the identification of new issues.

For further information about the EPAS or to provide feedback do not hesitate to contact us at EPAS [at]