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Facts and figures

*The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 31/01/2020 at midnight (Brussels time) and has become a Third Country. However, under the terms of its withdrawal agreement, the UK will be treated as an EU Member State until 31/12/2020. For details see news item.

4 international permanent representations


Budget in 2018: 161 M€


  • Ensure the highest common level of safety protection for EU citizens
  • Ensure the highest common level of environmental protection
  • Single regulatory and certification process among Member States
  • Facilitate the internal aviation single market & create a level playing field
  • Work with other international aviation organisations & regulators


  • Draft implementing rules in all fields pertinent to the EASA mission
  • Certify & approve products and organisations, in fields where EASA has exclusive competence (e.g. airworthiness)
  • Provide oversight and support to Member States in fields where EASA has shared competence (e.g. Air Operations , Air Traffic Management)
  • Promote the use of European and worldwide standards
  • Cooperate with international actors in order to achieve the highest safety level for EU citizens globally (e.g. EU safety list, Third Country Operators authorisations)