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Lithium Batteries

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What is the EASA position on Lithium batteries installed as "loose parts"? For example Lithium batteries installed in portable In-Flight Entertainment systems (with multiple cells

Why does the current Special Conditions CRI for non rechargeable batteries not explicitly state that it would be applicable to Batteries which were qualified to the ETSO C142 Standard?

Can an electric wheelchair in the cabin be treated as a Portable Electronic Devices (PED)? If not how could the battery system be managed to ensure safety during flight?

Does non-rechargeable Lithium Battery Certification Review Item apply for an installation of a well-known portable or survival Emergency Locator Transmitter?

Lithium Battery: How many cases where investigated to conclude that the traditional practices were inefficient? No Airworthiness Directive known to correct interference issue on in service aircraft. (ref. to Electrical System updates presentation)

Lithium Battery: When is CS-25 be expected to be updated to reflect different types of energy storage devices (Lithium technology, Fuel Cells etc.)?

Minimum Operational Performance Standards for non-rechargeable Lithium Batteries: DO-227 and other referenced standards are applicable to permanently installed equipment. Is there any mandatory requirement for “carry-on” medical equipment?

Lithium Batteries: How many incidents with Lithium Batteries have been recognised in the past year. Are Lithium Batteries still dangerous?

Lithium battery: Is there any generic Certification Review Item issued ?

Lithium Battery: Will EASA mandate actions against existing designs?

With Special Conditions existing for rechargeable/non-rechargable batteries, is EASA not effectively forcing major classification on many systems (In-Flight Entertainment/non-essential systems)?

How do we control the Lithium batteries in all smart phones and other devices?

Is an STC application mandatory for each Emergency Locator Transmitter installation, portable or fixed?

Lithium Battery: Will the Special Condition (SC) apply when relocating existing approved equipment within the cabin such as life rafts stowage?

is EASA having in service occurences linked to Lithium batteries installed within Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders current 30 days Underwater Locator Device (ULD) ?

Does a relocation of Portable Emergency Locator Transmitter with non-rechargeable batteries also become Major change?

If a life raft is relocated with an Emergency Locator Transmitter containing a Lithium battery, would the Special Condition (SC) apply?

Will EASA issue an Airworthiness Directive to replace all Emergency Locator Transmitters and Underwater Locator Devices currently installed, if TSO/ ETSO standards are not acceptable to EASA?

It is good that the DO community is made aware about the Lithium Battery Special Conditions. Design Organisations not aware of those might wrongly classify the design changes including a Lithium battery.