First EASA Design Organisation Approval for EU/US Joint Venture

Patrick Goudou, Executive Director of EASA, today handed over the Design Organisation Approval (DOA) certificate EASA.21J.086 to CFM International, a joint venture between General Electric Aircraft Engines (USA) and Snecma Moteurs (France).
This certificate crowns several years of intensive work and cooperation between the two partner organisations located on both sides of the Atlantic and the regulatory authorities (French DGAC and EASA).
'This shows that an US organisation, working under the FAA regulatory system, can comply with the EU DOA regulations without major difficulties' said Patrick Goudou. 'This also represents a concrete achievement that will stimulate further discussions between Europe and the USA on the sharing of design work and the execution of certification activities'.
EASA's DOA concept establishes a global quality framework for the management, responsibilities, procedures and resources needed for the type certification of aviation products. This represents an advantage not only for design organisations but also for their partners and subcontractors. The Design Organisation Approval is a powerful tool for today's global design and manufacturing context.

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