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EASA certifies Franco-Russian SaM146 PowerJet engine

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) today handed over the type certificate for the SaM146 engine in a ceremony held in Cologne. It is the first EASA certified engine jointly designed and produced in Europe and in Russia. Approval by the Russian certification agency, Interstate Aviation Committee - Avia Register, is expected within a few weeks.

Patrick Goudou, EASA Executive Director declared: “This certification shows that the SaM146 engine fully complies with EU safety regulations. It is the culmination of a particularly successful collaboration between PowerJet, the Interstate Aviation Committee of Russia and EASA.”
PowerJet, a joint venture of Snecma (Safran group) of France and NPO Saturn of Russia, is responsible for the SaM146 engine program, including development, production, marketing, sales and support. The SaM146 is now certified for service on regional jet aircraft. In April 2003, the SaM146 was selected by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft to power its Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jet.

The SaM146 has a take-off thrust of 76.8 kN (17,275 pounds) and has a dry weight of 1700 kg. It completed its certification tests on May 26 by passing the final medium bird ingestion test. The SaM146 engine has logged 7,100 hours of testing, including 3,500 hours in flight.