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Easy Access Rules for ATM/ANS published!

EASA has now published the Easy Access Rules for Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services

These consolidated, up-to-date rules are displayed in an easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks and are for free download from the EASA website.

The document contains the applicable rules for the providers of Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services and other Air Traffic Management network functions. It covers Regulation (EU) 2017/373 and all its annexes (together with the related AMC and GM), i.e. Annex I ‘Part-Definitions’, Annex II ‘Part-ATM/ANS.AR’, Annex III ‘Part-ATM/ANS.OR’, Annex IV ‘Part-ATS’, Annex V ‘Part-MET’, Annex VI ‘Part-AIS’, Annex VII ‘Part-DAT’, Annex VIII ‘Part-CNS’, Annex IX ‘Part-ATFM’, Annex X ‘Part-ASM’, Annex XI ‘Part-ASD, Annex XII ‘Part-NM’, and Annex XIII ‘Part-PERS’.