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EASA signs Working Arrangement with India

Working arrangement between DGCA India and EASA

EASA and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA India) have signed a Working Arrangement to strengthen their relationship and to achieve common safety and environmental protection standards. The agreement aims at promoting cooperation, the understanding of each other’s regulatory systems and facilitating the exchange of aeronautical products, services and personnel. 

This agreement is the result of intensive negotiations between the two parties over several years and marks an important milestone in strengthening the relationship between India and Europe in the aviation world.

Through this Working Arrangement, the parties intend to develop closer collaboration in the following domains:

  • Rulemaking cooperation, including sharing of information and best practices, in order to support the implementation of harmonised aviation safety and environmental protection requirements. 
  • Facilitate issuance or acceptance of certificates for products, parts and appliances 
  • Sharing of safety information, including co-operation on continued airworthiness of in-service products, parts and appliances accepted or approved in application of the Working Arrangement;
  • Technical training and professional staff development.