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EASA has now published the Easy Access Rules for Aircrew (Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011)

Easy Access Rules Aircrew

The easy access rules contain the technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew, displayed in a consolidated, easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks, and are available for free download from the EASA website.

In addition, some specific parts of this regulation are available:



  • Easy access rules for Flight Crew Licencing (Part-FCL)
  • Easy access rules for Authority Requirements for Aircrew (Part-ARA)
  • Easy access rules for Organisation Requirements for Aircrew (Part-ORA)
  • Easy access rules for Medical Requirements (including Part-MED and parts of Part-ARA and Part-ORA)

The documents will be updated regularly to incorporate further changes and evolutions to the Implementing Rules (IR) together with the related Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM).