SEPIAC* information session and live training

*Shared Electronic Platform for Initial Airworthiness Certification

Date & time: 21/11/2017 (from 16:30 PM to 19:30 PM)
The SEPIAC information session and hands-on training will be provided in the meeting rooms Boeing 1+2+3. You may arrive at any time you wish as the info. session and training will be taking place in repeat mode during the course of the afternoon, on an informal basis.  We will provide you with access to the platform to test and ask questions. 
For those of you who won’t be able to attend on the 21st  November, training material will be made available (step by step user guides, leaflets, roadshows,…)
Participation is open to all participants of the Product Certification & Design Organisation Approval Workshop and will be free of charge.  

What is SEPIAC: 
Following the implementation of the Applicant Portal, which allows submittal of electronic applications, SEPIAC (Shared Electronic Platform for Initial Airworthiness Certification) is the next enhancement to submit and exchange technical documentation during the course of a product certification project. 

We have created 1 central cloud based platform designed to improve the way we exchange data in a central and secured online platform. Combining Dashboard features and end-to-end integrated workflows. 
Users (Applicants, NAAs, Qualified Entities and Third Country Authorities) will benefit from efficiency gains related to the application process, paperless workflow and full visibility on on-going projects including the current status of applications, the status and version of documents, current actionee, next actions,…

The Applicant Portal and SEPIAC are key elements of the CORAL* programme 2017-2021 triggered by the Industry, which aims at linking applicants, authorities and stakeholders together within a single platform to share information and increase efficiency and to ensure digital continuity. The implementation of the CORAL programme is based on the EASA roadmap aiming at reinforcing the single European system and transforming certification activities through a digitisation strategy.
*CORAL stands for: Certification and ORganisation ApprovaL

The Applicant Portal remains the entry point for submittal and tracking of applications related to Supplementary Type Certificates, Major Changes/Repairs, Minor Changes/Repairs and European Technical Standard Orders. In 2018 the Applicant Portal will be extended to other services.

The transition to the SEPIAC platform will be gradual, with the objective to reach 100% of Type Certificates, Supplementary Type Certificates and Major Change projects handled through SEPIAC on a mandatory basis beginning 2018. Between now and 2018, a selected group of applicants will commence using the platform. All users will be informed and trained gradually before year end. 
During the course of 2018, the remaining CORAL projects will be brought online, the final objective is to merge the Applicant Portal and SEPIAC into one single platform that interacts with each other under the scope of the CORAL project.

Should you have any question on SEPIAC or in case you want a project to be hosted on SEPIAC, please send an email to sepiac-help [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu.

All participants of the  Product Certification & Design Organisation Approval Workshop - Plenary Session and Prior Side Meeting day will receive a meeting invitation they only need to accept, no specific registration needed.

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