SAB 02-2018

Meeting of the Stakeholders' Advisory Body

Date & time
Day 1, 07/06/2017 & Day 2, 08/06/2018. The meeting will most likely begin at 10:30h on Day 1 and end at 13:30h on day 2 .

The role of the SAB shall be to:

  • provide advice to the Management Board in accordance with the provisions of Articles 33(4) and 34(3) of the Basic Regulation;
  • to provide advice to the Management Board and to the Agency on strategic developments;
  • provide advice to the Agency on the content, priorities and execution of its safety programmes;
  • provide advice to the Agency on implementation/standardisation issues of strategic or horizontal nature (including high-level, cross-domain implementation policies, such as the policy on acceptance of industry standards);
  • contribute to the Agency’s safety risk management processes, preliminary impact assessments, regulatory impact assessments and other tools to be employed for the development of the Agency’s safety programmes;
  • provide comments on preliminary impact assessments and terms of reference of rulemaking projects;
  • support rulemaking groups as necessary in relation to specific rulemaking projects;
  • provide economic and other quantitative data for the purpose of the conduct of preliminary impact assessments, regulatory impact assessments, and ex post evaluation of rules;
  • provide advice in the case of substantially divergent views of the interested parties on a specific rulemaking project;
  • support the Agency in the ex post evaluation of rules, and in particular with regard to the need to adapt existing rules to technological and commercial evolution and progress, and in the light of the experience gained in their implementation;
  • provide advice as appropriate in the context of ongoing efforts to improve EPAS, rulemaking, standardisation, safety promotion, and research programming process; and
  • provide advice on international cooperation, agreements, and harmonisation activities. 


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