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Part 21 Light Workshop No.4

Online event - Webex

Date & time
19/11/2020, 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00

Under RMT.0727 EASA will propose to the European Commission simple and proportionate rules for the airworthiness of aircraft intended to be used primarily for sport and recreational purposes. EASA is using a rulemaking process by which affected stakeholders are consulted, instead of publishing an NPA for consultation. To this end, EASA is organising focussed consultation workshops.

Up until now EASA had organised workshops with affected stakeholders, where EASA introduced the concepts for a 'Part 21 Light', and discussed this concept with the stakeholders, and where stakeholders provided comments and feedback to EASA. In the past months EASA has been working on the draft regulatory text, which EASA now wants to share with the affected stakeholders for discussion and comments.

In order to support this, EASA will organise another focussed consultation workshop. In this workshop EASA will explain where changes to the concept have been made, in particular based on feedback received from stakeholders. EASA will also explain how it has transposed the concept presented during previous workshops into the draft regulation. 

Target audience
The workshop is addressed to members of the EASA Advisory Bodies, representatives of the industry and of interest groups actively involved in the design and production of GA aircraft and components, and other affected and interested stakeholders. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this workshop will only take place virtually.

Attendance at this workshop is by invitation only and requires advance registration.

If you consider yourself part of the target audience and have not received an invitation, please contact: CT5-workshops [at]

EASA will send the draft regulations to registered participants to the workshop, and will detail how comments can be sent back to EASA.