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Do I need two authorisations, if the lists of high-risk commercial SPO of different Member States differ?


Cross-border commercial SPO - Reference: Reg. (EU) No 965/2012 on air operations: ARO.OPS.150 (f)

No, you do not. In cases where the lists of HR commercial SPO activities differ, the operator shall seek authorisation from its own competent authority, irrespective of whether that authority considers a particular operation ‘high risk’ or not. This is because the authorisation issued by your competent authority is recognised as valid by the competent authority of another Members State. 

For that purpose, the competent authorities involved will coordinate the validation process. Any safety considerations that the competent authority of the place where the operation will be conducted might have need to be accounted for; both competent authorities need to be satisfied with the operator’s risk assessment and standard operating procedures - SOPs.


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