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How to get an EASA Part-66 Licence?


  1. In order to get an EASA Part-66 AML (Aircraft Maintenance License), an applicant needs:
    1. Basic knowledge (66.A.25);
    2. Basic experience (66.A.30).
  2. In order to get TR endorsed in the AML, an applicant needs:
    1. Type Training (Theoretical and Practical) (66.A.45)
    2. OJT for the first TR (66.A.45).

The following two schemes depict the most common paths and are for information only.  

  • The first scheme applies to Group 1 aircraft (B1 and B2 licence categories).
  • The second scheme applies to other than Group 1 aircraft (B1 and B2 licence categories).

NOTE: Aircraft groups are described in 66.A.5.

These schemes do not override Part-66 requirements nor capture all the possibilities (various licences, educations and experiences). The start and end of each phase can vary depending on individual cases.

For further and detailed information:

  • Refer to Part-66 and related AMC/GM; and
  • Consult the Competent Authority where you intend to apply for the AML.

An aircraft maintenance licence issued by a country other than EASA Member States cannot be rendered valid as EASA Part-66 AML.

Part-66 licences issued by the countries other than EASA Member States are not mutually recognised in European system.

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