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What is the status of 'Implementing Rules', 'Acceptable Means of Compliance', Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMOC), 'Guidance Material' and 'Frequently Asked Questions'?


Implementing rules (IRs): EU law in the area of civil aviation generally defines safety objectives at the level of essential requirements and implementing rules, whereas detailed implementation aspects are included as Certification Specifications (CS) or Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC). EU law is directly applicable (full part of Member States' legal order). These IRs are binding in all their aspects.

AMC and Guidance Material (GM): The AMC and GM are Agency measures. AMCs are defined as non-binding standards adopted by the Agency to illustrate means to establish compliance with the Basic Regulation and its Implementing Rules.

The AMCs issued by the Agency are not of a legislative nature; therefore they cannot create obligations on the regulated persons, who may decide to show compliance with the applicable requirements using other means. AMC illustrate a means, but not the only means, by which a requirement of an Implementing Rule can be met. Satisfactory demonstration of compliance using a published AMC shall provide for presumption of compliance with the related requirement; it is a way to facilitate certification tasks for the applicant and the competent authority.

GM is issued by the Agency to assist in the understanding of the Basic Regulation, its IRs and CSs.

For a clear differentiation between the AMC and AltMOC, please consult the relevant FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs are published on the Agency (EASA) website and cover a wide range of material. Although the information contained in the FAQs is a summary of existing law or procedures, it may contain the results of a more complex interpretation of IR or other rules of law. In such cases there is always an internal quality consultation within the Agency prior to the publication of the FAQ on the website. The Agency FAQs are necessary to share information and enable to get a common understanding.

These FAQs are not additional GM.

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