Development of Safety Promotion Content

Please fill-in this application form in order to register for Call for Expression of Interest EASA.2021.CEI.21 for the Establishment of a Pre-selected list of candidates for “Development of Safety Promotion Content”.

  • Part 1: Completion of candidate’s details, and upload of duly completed subcontractors form (if applicable).
  • Part 2: Declaration of no Conflict of Interest, acceptance of EASA terms as and submission of the following documents to verify the capacity of the candidate and fulfilment of criteria (candidates are advised to prepare the documents prior to the start of application, as the application can not be saved):
  • Part 3: Indication of the sub-list(s) for which candidate applies for. A link to the produced videos and information related to the relevant projects/activities.

Finally, once your application form is properly completed please click "Submit" to send your application upon which you should receive shortly after an email acknowledgement of your application submission. It is important to bear in mind that completing the form takes approximately 45 minutes and that your application form cannot be saved during the application process. If the form is closed prior to submission all data will be lost. For the avoidance of doubt, submission of the form shall follow, be governed by and subject to the terms and conditions of the underlying call for expression of interest.