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Need for Confirmation from modification-/STC holder

Important information regarding Connectivity System Software Update

Several connectivity system providers have recently proposed to their customers to update the software of their connectivity system. The updates are software updates allowing, for example, a better satellite following function, or to correct bugs. 

EASA wants to inform that these updates are unapproved changes of a certified configuration (Modification or STC), especially as some equipment is driven by software. 

This new non-tested and not approved configuration could create, for example, interferences with other equipment installed on board the aircraft.

In order to avoid this situation, no update should be done without a confirmation from the modification-/STC-holder that the update is still within the approved limitation envelope. 

New tests (e.g. EMI) will be needed in order to show that the connectivity system update is maintaining the initial equipment emission levels.

An Airworthiness Directive (AD) was not published as no unsafe condition was detected by now and no action is demanded. A Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) is being considered pending further assessment.

Should you need further clarifications, please contact TCO [at]