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Clarifications on installation of an ADS-OUT system combined with a transponder system (CS-SC005a) – Configuration 3


This SC is for the installation of an ADS-B OUT system that is combined with a transponder in a single unit. The Configuration 3 describes the particular case of installation of a transponder that contains an ADS-B OUT system and a GNSS position source that is not approved.  

Therefore, the conditions for configuration 3 shall read as:

  • The ADS-B transmit unit forms part of the Mode S transponder equipment. The transponder equipment and its installation are compliant with CS-SC002c or later amendments, or are otherwise approved. 
  • The GNSS receiver is not approved or its installation is not certified. However, the compatibility of the combination of the transponder and the GNSS receiver is explicitly stated by the manufacturer of the transponder. 
  • The quality indicators are configured according to the manufacturer instructions to report the lowest quality (e.g. SIL = 0 and SDA = 0, NACp = 0). — The installation instructions from the equipment manufacturer have to be followed.

EASA will implement this correction in a revision of CS-STAN issue 3 in the upcoming months, together with other corrections as necessary.

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