UPN 2020-1128012 - Unapproved leading edge landing light kits

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Air Tractor, Inc. Models AT-401, AT-402, AT-502, AT-602, AT-802 and others
Part name
Leading Edge Landing Light Kit
Part Number
Serial Number

Information discovered during an FAA Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) investigation revealed that between January 2011 and March 2019, Delta Bayou Lights Inc., manufactured, advertised (bayoulights.com) and sold leading edge landing light kits for installation on type-certificated aircraft without obtaining an FAA PMA, in accordance with 14 CFR § 21.9 Replacement and modification articles.

The articles produced by Delta Bayou Lights Inc., may have these characteristics:

• "Light kits are not identified by part number or serial number and have no FAA PMA markings."

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