Airspace of Syria

Issued date
  • 31/10/2023 - The validity of the CZIB was extended until 30 April 2024. No additional changes were introduced. 
  • 20/07/2023 - German AIC 12/23 issued on 13 July 2023 superseding AIC 09/23.
  • 23/05/2023 - German AIC 07/23 issued on 18 May 2023 superseding AIC 05/23. Canada AIC 13/23 issued on 18 May 2023 replacing AIC 3/23.
  • 28/04/2023 - The validity of the CZIB was extended until 31 October 2023. Recommendations were aligned with the description of the CZIB.

Referenced publication(s):

  • United Kingdom AIP ENR 1.1 issued 16 June 2022 (see Appendix 1)
  • United States Federal Aviation Administration SFAR 114 issued 27 November 2020, KICZ NOTAM A0053/20 issued 27 November 2020, KICZ NOTAM A0009/18 issued 14 April 2018 & & FAA Background Information issued 13 April 2018 (see Appendix 2)
  • AIC France Circular A 24/22 issued 24 November 2022 (see Appendix 3)
  • Germany AIC 12/23 issued on 13 July 2023 (see Appendix 4)
  • Transport Canada AIC 13/23 issued on 18 May 2023 (see Appendix 5)
Affected Airspace

Syrian airspace, all altitudes.

Applies to operators

This CZIB is issued on the basis of information available to EU Member States and EU institutions. Due to the remaining hazardous security situation, with the presence of terrorist organisations and ongoing military operations, there is a risk of both intentional targeting and misidentification of civil aircraft. The presence of a wide range of ground-to-ground and dedicated anti-aviation weaponry poses a HIGH risk to operations at all flight altitudes.


EASA recommends not to fly within the airspace over Syria at all altitudes and flight levels. 
Operators should take this information and any other relevant information into account in their own risk assessments, alongside any available guidance or directions from their national authority as appropriate.
Latest operational information on ‘Closures and warnings’ issued by means of ICAO State Letters, NOTAMs, AICs/AIPs, EASA CZIB may be found in the Network Manager NOP Portal (password protected version). 

Valid until

Appendix 1


Source: United Kingdom AIP ENR 1.1 Section 1.4

Security - Hazardous Situation in Syria In accordance with Direction under the Aviation Security Act 1982, UK registered operators so served are prohibited to enter FIR DAMASCUS FIR (OSTT) / territory and airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Potential risk from anti-aircraft weaponry. UK operators not currently subject to direction under the Aviation Security Act should contact UK Department for Transport (DfT) before operating in this area. Contact UK Department for Transport +44 (0)207-082 6639 or +44 (0)207-944 5999 out of hours.

Appendix 2

Source: United States Federal Aviation Administration


Appendix 3

Source: AIC France 24/22 issued 24 November 2022 

From 09/04/2020 and until further notice, pilots in command of aircraft performing air services mentioned in paragraph 1.1 are requested not to penetrate into the airspace of Syria (OSTT FIR (DAMASCUS)).

Appendix 4

Source: Germany AIC 12/23 issued on 13 July 2023

Civil German air operators are prohibited to enter FIR DAMASCUS (OSTT). Potential risk from state of war.
Further information: Website of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport of Germany (www.BMVI.DE/KRISENMANAGEMENT)

Appendix 5

Source: Canada AIC 13/23 issued on 18 May 2023

Syria – Level 2 – Issued February 9, 2020
SECURITY – HAZARDOUS SITUATION IN SYRIA. Canadian Air Operators and owners of aircraft registered in Canada are recommended not to enter FIR Damascus FIR (OSTT), and to take all potential risk information into account in their risk assessment and routing decisions when operating in the airspace within 200 NM of FIR OSTT. Potential risk from anti-aviation weaponry and military operations.


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