ToR RMT.0737

Enabling electronic personnel licensing in Europe

The objective of this rulemaking task is to develop and establish the requirements for the introduction and implementation of an electronic personnel licencing (EPL) system within the EU regulatory framework in order to: 

(1)    enable the issue, display, validation and verification of EU electronic personnel licences (EPLs) on self-contained mobile electronic visual display devices in addition to the licences issued on high-quality paper or other suitable material, including plastic cards; EPLs shall be optional to the paper version — nevertheless, the Member States’ national competent authorities will have the obligation to recognise EPLs issued by all other Member States;

(2)    ensure the security, confidentiality, data protection, integrity, authentication, and accessibility as regards EPLs;

(3)    ensure EPL system interoperability between the different issuing and verifying national competent authorities and other affected stakeholders (e.g. examiners for pilot licences);

(4)     transpose ICAO Annex 1 SARPs related to EPLs (Amendment 178 to Annex 1) in the relevant EU regulations.