ToR RMT.0624

Technical requirements for the provision of remote aerodrome air traffic services

The introduction and development of new technologies enables the provision of aerodrome air traffic services (ATS), for both aerodrome air traffic control (ATC) services and aerodrome flight information services (AFIS), from geographically independent locations/facilities that are equipped with visual surveillance systems instead of direct visual observation. The concept is usually referred to as ‘remote tower operations’. 

As a follow-up to the substantial work undertaken to produce, develop and further expand soft law on the provision of remote aerodrome ATS, EASA continues to engage in the rapid evolution of the research and implementation of the remote tower concept from its various perspectives, in particular the technological, operational and human-performance developments. For this purpose, EASA amends the Terms of Reference for RMT.0624 Issue 1 to update the objectives, the processes and the milestones in order to maintain its regulatory framework up to date with the evolution of the remote tower concept. The purpose of RMT.0624 remains the support of the safe implementation of the newest development of the provision of this type of ATS