ED Decision 2023/021/R

CS-25 Amendment 28

CS-25 Amendment 28

The objective of this Decision is to reflect the state of the art of large aeroplane certification based on information gathered from in-service occurrences and certification projects.

This Decision amends the Certification Specifications and Acceptable Means of Compliance for Large Aeroplanes (CS-25) in order to:

  1. provide consolidated specifications, guidance and acceptable means of compliance related to survivability after ditching (i.e. emergency landing on water);
  2. improve the specifications, guidance and acceptable means of compliance applicable to installed systems and equipment for use by the flight crew;
  3. make various amendments dealing with the following topics: development assurance, performance and handling characteristics in icing conditions, brakes and braking systems certification tests and analysis, oxygen equipment and supply, the maximum period during which the air conditioning is off and cabin crew portable oxygen equipment;
  4. make editorial corrections.

Overall, the amendments are expected to increase safety, not to have any social or environmental impacts and to provide economic benefits by streamlining the certification process.