ED Decision 2015/018/R

CS-23 Amendment 4 - High-Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Lightning

This Decision addresses a safety and regulatory coordination issue related to the type-certification of electrical and electronic systems susceptible to the effects of High-Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and lightning.

The specific objectives are to maintain a high uniform level of safety, to reflect the state of the art in certification practice, and to cooperate with third countries in order to provide cost-efficient rules.

This Decision proposes:

  • to create a new CS 23.1306 ‘Electrical and electronic system lightning protection’;
  • to create a new CS 23.1308 ‘High-Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) protection’;
  • to amend CS 23.1309 ‘Equipment, systems and installations’; and
  • to create a new CS-23 Appendix K ‘HIRF environments and equipment HIRF test levels’.

The proposed changes are an adoption of existing Special Conditions into the CS’s that will reduce the administrative burden and improve transparency of the existing requirements. At the same time harmonisation is improved with the FAA Part 23 amendment 62 requirements. Postponement of this change to CS-23 has been considered because of the ongoing rulemaking task for the reorganisation of CS-23 (Rulemaking task RMT.0498), however, it was concluded that the subject of this change is already under consideration of that task and will not disturb that process. Consideration was also given to the principles of the GA Roadmap. As this rulemaking task formalises existing Special Conditions (SCs), it is considered that this new specifications (that will apply only to future Type Certificates (TC) and to changes to TC via Part 21.A.101) should actually reduce the burden on certification projects as Special Conditions and associated Certification Review Items (CRIs) will not need to be raised. .

Note: AMC 20-136 and AMC 20-158, which provide the Acceptable Means of Compliance to CS 23.1306 and CS 23.1308 respectively, are being introduced concurrently to AMC-20 Amendment 13 by Decision 2015/017/R.