International Maintenance Review Board Policy Board (IMRBPB)

The International Maintenance Review Board Policy Board (IMRBPB) is envisioned as a system for the continuing development of policies, procedures and guidance for the use of personnel operating under the purview of various Maintenance Review Boards (MRBs). In addition to promoting harmonisation with other regulatory authorities, the IMRBPB advocates the standardisation of MRB policy and procedures. The IMRBB also provides a structured forum for discussions leading to the development of national and international policy regarding all MRB activities.

The industry is mainly represented in IMRBPB meeting by Airlines for America (A4A) of America and more particularly by the Maintenance Programs Industry Group (MPIG) under the A4A's Airworthiness Committee. This committee is also open to input from European industry.

The A4A Airworthiness Committee (AC) is chartered under the Engineering, Maintenance & Materiel Council (EMMC) , within the areas of airline engineering and maintenance, to assist in the development of consensus industry positions on regulatory and legislative proposals, and to identify new and emerging airworthiness issues and concerns, and proposed industry solutions.

  • AC MISSION - Provide expert assistance concerning advice to regulatory agencies, coordination, and consensus-based industry positions on regulatory and public policy matters pertaining to airline engineering and maintenance, to include the technical aspects of safety, airworthiness, reliability, and cost effectiveness.
  • AC VISION - Maintain processes that, in coordination with regulatory agencies, continuously improve the safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness of airline technical operations while minimizing the need for regulation.

Any concerned industry representative may contact directly Mark LOPEZ email: mlopez [at] airlines [dot] org, website:

For any information regarding participation to IMRBPB and submission on IP on behalf of A4A AC.

The EASA website is the only official reference point for all MRB and IMRBPB related material.


    Meeting YEAR Documents Date Place
    2017 IMRBPB meeting 2017 24-28/04/2017 Cologne - Germany
    hosted by EASA
    2016 IMRBPB meeting 2016 25-29/04/2016 São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil,
    hosted by ANAC
    2015 IMRBPB meeting 2015 20-24/04/2015 Atlanta,
    hosted by FAA
    2014 IMRBPB meeting 2014 28/04 to 02/05/2014 Ottawa,
    hosted by TCCA
    2013 IMRBPB meeting 2013 22-26/04/2013 Cologne - Germany
    hosted by EASA
    2012 IMRBPB meeting 2012 23-27/04/2012 Shanghai,
    hosted by CAAC
    2011 IMRBPB meeting 2011 25-29/04/2011 Beijing,
    hosted by CAAC
    2010 IMRBPB meeting 2010 26-30/04/2010 Singapore
    2009 Agenda
    Pre meeting package 1
    Pre meeting package 2
    ANAC presentation
    Minutes of meeting
    31/03-03/04/2009 Sao Jose dos Campos
    (Sao Paulo)/Brazil,
    hosted by ANAC
    2008 Agenda
    Pre meeting package 1
    EASA Press Release
    Minutes of meeting
    22-25/04/2008 EASA Cologne
    2007 Agenda
    Package 1
    Package 2
    Date and Information
    19-23/02/2007 Montreal, Canada
    2005 Agenda
    18-20/10/2005 EASA Cologne
    2004 Agenda
    28-30/09/2004 Seattle, WA
    2003 Minutes 19-21/08/2003 TCCA Halifax
    2002 Agenda
    10-12/09/2002 Place FAA Seattle
    2001 Agenda
    18-20/10/2001 Central JAA Hoofddorp


    If you have any questions relating to the Agency's MRB Activities, please send an e-mail to:


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