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Regulation of Ground de-Icing and Anti-Icing Services in the EASA Member States


The objective of the project was to investigate and recommend the means by which the Aviation Authorities of Member States manage matters with respect to the certification of service providers, availability of fluids at aerodromes, and other related issues.

Under the contract data was collected using customised questionnaires and direct interviews with airport operators, airlines, providers of de-icing services, aircraft manufacturers and European and foreign aviation authorities. The questionnaire covered the topics of applicable national regulations and the availability of de-icing fluids choices at European airports. After assessing the data collected as explained in the interim report, certain options were identified that would benefit the safety of aircraft operations. These options were discussed with key stakeholders in a dedicated workshop that took place in December 2010. These options have led to a set of recommendations presented and discussed in the final report. This report also briefly assesses the impact of implementing the recommendations and contains a cost model of de-icing operation upgrades.