CRD 2014-08

AMC/GM for the implementation and measurement of Safety (Key) Performance Indicators (SKPIs)

This Comment-Response Document (CRD) contains the comments received on NPA 2014-08 (published on 31.03.2014) and the responses, or a summary thereof, provided thereto by the Agency.

Based on the comments and responses, Decision 2014/035/R was developed, adopted and published with this CRD.

This is the CRD to the second NPA for RMT.0518 and it proposes AMC/GM for the safety performance indicators (with no EU-wide targets) as defined in paragraph 1.2 of Section 2 of Annex I to the performance scheme Regulation (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 390/2013). These safety performance indicators introduced in the second reference period (RP2) by Regulation EU) 390/2013 are:

  • the application by the air navigation service providers of automated safety data recording systems where available, which shall include, as a minimum monitoring of separation minima infringements and runway incursions;
  • the reporting performed by the Member States and air navigation service providers on the level of occurrence reporting on an annual basis, aiming at measuring the level of reporting and addressing the issue of improvement of reporting culture; and
  • the number of, as a minimum, separation minima infringements, runway incursions, airspace infringements, and ATM-specific occurrences at all air traffic services units.
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