Development of Safety Promotion Content

The Agency published a Call for Expression of Interest for the Establishment of a list of Pre-selected list of candidates for “Development of Safety Promotion Content” in the Official Journal. All interested parties are kindly invited to submit an online application. 

Aim of the call

Safety promotion is one of the main ways that EASA uses to raise awareness of important safety topics across the aviation community. It exists to provide useful information that engages people in positive conversations about safety so that the aviation community can comply with the necessary rules and reduce their risks to operate safely, regardless of the type of aviation activity they are involved in. We need to continually create interesting and engaging safety promotion content on important safety issues for which we require the services of external providers. 

This call will be split into sub-lists which will group areas of expertise and outputs of specific nature such as the production of animations, serious games, technical videos and related visuals, podcasts, associated articles, posters, quizzes, guides and checklists on safety issues identified within the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) as being important to help improve safety and manage risks. In addition to the main video, these outputs may involve the provision of video concept consultancy & scriptwriting / storyboard services, the provision of the relevant audio covers needed for inclusion with any videos or podcasts, or other as appropriate. 

Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) procedure

Interested parties, meeting the requirements set in section 3 of the Specifications, are invited to submit an application to be included in one or multiple-sub-lists:

  1. Aviation Specific Animations and Serious Games
  2. Large Commercial Aeroplanes
  3. Helicopters
  4. General Aviation Aeroplanes
  5. Drones. 

In principle lists will be used upon receipt and acceptance of 5 candidates per sub-list. However, should the need arise before 5 candidates are successfully selected, the Agency may decide to launch a procurement procedure with those available in the list.
The procedure consists of two phases:

  • Phase I - selection of candidates (aimed at assessing exclusion and selection criteria). All candidates fulfilling the selection and exclusion criteria will be put on the list(s) of pre-selected candidates. 
  • Phase II (tendering phase) – Where a specific contract related to one of the sub-lists defined under this CEI is to be concluded, EASA will invite all the candidates on the relevant sub-lists to submit a tender. EASA will send all candidates who successfully pass Phase I the tender specifications related to the contract in question. The contract will be awarded to the candidate offering the best value for money. 

The Agency reserves the right to use the list when and to the extent needed. Please note that inclusion in the sub-list entails no obligation on the part of the Agency to conclude a contract.

Validity of the Call and Database

The call and corresponding sub-lists are concluded for a period of 12 months, renewed automatically up to three times for a maximum period of validity of four years, until 23/08/2025, unless notification to the contrary is received / published. Interested parties may submit an application at any time prior to the last three months of validity of the list.


Please consult the Specifications and all Annexes for detailed information on the scope of the call, overview of the procedure, criteria, application process and conditions for appointment. All the files are accessible from the download box at the bottom of the page.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted using the on-line application form available below. Prior to the start of application, you are advised to read carefully and prepare the documents listed in section 2.2 in the Call Specifications:
Submit your application


Any queries should be addressed to contracts [at]