Rulemaking process explained

The Rulemaking Procedure (EASA Management Board Decision No 01-2022) provides the procedure for the development and issuing by EASA of:

as defined in Article 76 of the Basic Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2018/1139).

The development of regulatory material is based on evidence and sound analyses and considering the following:

Furthermore, the rulemaking process ensures broad participation of stakeholders through engagement and consultation.

Through the rulemaking process, EASA contributes to the development of regulatory material by issuing:

  • Opinions to the European Commission, which contain the proposals for amendments to the Basic Regulation and to the delegated and implementing acts to be adopted on the basis thereof; and
  • Decisions that contain:
    • AMC & GM to support the implementation of the regulations,
    • CSs, and
    • DSs

related to civil aviation safety and environmental compatibility.

The planning of rulemaking activities is included in the EPAS. The EPAS is consulted with the EASA Advisory Bodies (ABs).

This section contains the deliverables of the rulemaking process.