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ICAO principles

In order to maintain and further improve safety in civil aviation ICAO promotes the principles of safety management to address safety risks proactively; and stresses the concept of overall safety performance in all domains. It therefore dedicated a new Annex to Safety Management (Annex 19). Safety Management principles revolve around the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS) in industry organisations and a State Safety Programme (SSP) in Contracting States. Annex 19 collects in one document all safety management requirements previously spread across various Annexes.

Annex 19 comes with detailed guidance in the form of a ‘Safety Management Manual’. This is a good starting point to become more familiar with the principles promoted by ICAO.

Annex 19 ‘Safety Management’ and the Safety Management Manual (SMM) - Doc 9859 are available for purchase in hard copy or electronic format through ICAO's Online Store at

Download a brief introduction to ICAO Annex 19

Safety Management International Collaboration Group

With safety management becoming the standard for aviation safety worldwide, it is most beneficial for the international community to harmonise safety management activities, collaborate on common topics of interest and share lessons learned. To garner these benefits, the FAA along with the Agency, ICAO and TCCA have initiated a Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG).