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We assume that only those systems are subject to Certification/Declaration/SoC, where applicable specific Detailed Specifications have been issued. Is this assumption correct?

We assume that Electronic Flight Strips are not subject to certification (EFS does not fall into 3b, as EFS does not provide separation of aircraft or prevention of collision, it is not 3a either, there it must be 3c). Please confirm.

What parts of the system need to be certified/how can we define the equipment/constituent that needs to be certified. E.g. Flight strips System with several servers, operating system and virtualisation, switches, operating position equipment plus some software components. Can the DPO only certify the software, with definition of hardware requirements and the customer (or we) purchases any COTS HW, which fulfills these requirements?

Is the following requirement applicable for all ATM/ANS Equipment in "PART 2 — ATM/ANS equipment subject to certification / Subpart A — Air traffic services: "DS GE.CER.ATS.110 ATS recording ATM/ANS equipment specified in this Subpart is to provide recording and replay capability of technical and operational data, and system status."?

DoV refers to the systems structured according to support of the functions and services provided within the functional system defined by the respective ANSP, while SoC refers to components/equipment. DoV also covers the integration process within ANSP, while a SoC is at the level of today's DSU, DoC. Is this assumption correct?

The DoV is also documenting the integration of components/devices into the provider's systems within its FS, the new regulatory framework does not cover this integration - the SoC issuing process ends before the device is integrated into the FS, the integration is done as a change to FS. Is this assumption correct?

In Part 3, Subpart C, what about PSR and SMR?

Could you please elaborate a bit more on the Statements of Compliance (SoCs) in case there are no detailed specifications DSs? If there are no DSs, then no SoC is required, right? Otherwise, any single and simple system would need a SoC?

From your explanations, we infer that if we need to put into service a system but there are no DSs, then we only need to comply with the GENERAL part of the DSs: Is this interpretation right?

If a detailed specification (DS) does not exist for certain hardware (HW) or software (SW), e.g. the application that provides to air traffic controllers (ATCO) the radar availability chart on the auxiliary display, is it subject to this regulatory package? I would say neither CERT, DECL nor SoC are applicable in this case? Only change management should be applied?

Where is compliance with the essential requirements documented in the first place?

What parts/functions/constituents of a remote tower system will be subject to conformity assessment?

Does the conformity assessment framework for ATM/ANS ground equipment, including Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/1771, apply to flight procedure design (FPD) providers?

Does a military surveillance station fall under the equipment of Regulation (EU) 2023/1768 if an air navigation service provider (ANSP) chooses to make use of the surveillance data for Air Traffic Management / Air Navigation Services (ATM/ANS) provision?