ICAO Aircraft Engine Emissions Databank

The ICAO Aircraft Engine Emissions Databank contains information on exhaust emissions of production aircraft engines, measured according to the procedures in ICAO Annex 16, Volume II, and where noted, certified by the States of Design of the engines according to their national regulations. The databank covers engine types which emissions are regulated, namely turbojet and turbofan engines with a static thrust greater than 26.7 kilonewtons. The information is provided by the engine manufacturers, who are solely responsible for its accuracy. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is hosting the databank on behalf of ICAO and is not responsible for the contents.

Engine manufacturers submit their data to the primary certificating authority (CA) for approval as part of the certification process. Once the data has been approved by the primary CA, manufacturers can voluntarily submit it to EASA for inclusion in the ICAO Engine Emissions Databank. The data must be submitted in a predefined format (see Excel data template in below Downloads section). The primary CA verifies that the data submitted to the databank is in conformity with the approved data from certification. EASA then checks the data format and consistency before publishing it. The frequency of databank updates depends on the availability of new data but is aimed to be at least once a year.

Data submittals, comments and queries regarding the ICAO Engine Emissions Databank should be sent to emissions.databank [at] easa.europa.eu.