Documents Guidance and Examples

Some less experienced Applicants for Type / Post-Type Certification in General Aviation, sometimes miss the practical experience with certification processes. The certification process is based on design activities (drawings, modeling, specifications), but consist mostly of engineering tasks (analysis, testing, assessment) where the applicant have to show, through certification documents, how the design meets the airworthiness requirements.

To support Applicants for Type Certification in General Aviation, EASA has started to develop Guidance and Examples of Certification Documents. The documents below provide examples of how an aeroplane design can be assessed and shown to meet the requirements. These documents are prepared on the basis of an “invented” design and are not aimed to suggest design solution. Most important, they are not meant to be used as “forms to fill”.

At the moment the following documents have been finalised:

EASA is currently developing further documents/guidance to cover other areas as well.