Air Traffic Management (ATM) / Air Navigation Services (ANS)

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ATM Basics

Where can I find Regulations, IRs, AMCs and GMs concerning ATM?

Is there a consolidated version of Regulation (EU) 2017/373?

What is the status of documents published during the EASA Rulemaking process such as Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) or Comment Response Document (CRD)? Can they be used if there is no EASA rule available?

What is the 'Cover Regulation'?

What do 'enter into force' and 'applicability' mean in the Cover Regulation?

ATM/ANS Specifics

Which ATM/ANS providers fall under the EASA Basic Regulation and its implementing rules?

What are the main regulations governing ATM/ANS?

What is the difference between ATM and ATC?

Is ATM/ANS personnel covered by Regulation (EU) 2017/373?

Who is the ATM/ANS Competent Authority in my country?

Who is the competent authority for ATM/ANS Pan-European services?

What are Air Navigation Services (ANS) according to EASA?


SERA.3145 'Prohibited areas and restricted areas' of the standardised European rules of the air introduces a prohibition on the operation of aircraft in prohibited and restricted areas, '… the particulars of which have been duly published …'. When is a prohibited or a restricted area considered as dully published?

Can the operation of aircraft in certain areas be prohibited or restricted for environmental reasons?

Is the publication of information under AIP section 'ENR 5.6 Bird migration and areas with sensitive fauna' sufficient to consider that the particulars of a prohibited and restricted area have been 'duly published', in accordance with SERA.3145 'Prohibited areas and restricted areas'?


Is a DAT certificate issued per organisation or per office?

When the ISO certificate cover only one of the office and the processes are the same, how it could be used as AMC?

What kind of data providers need to be certified in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/373?

How does the application process look like and what would be the price quote and time schedule?

Is it possible to extend the DAT certificate from the initial scope?

Is there a consolidated list of EASA certified DAT providers?

I have a DAT provider certificate (or equivalent) issued by another authority. Is it possible for EASA to recognise it and/or accept it?

How can I obtain approval against EUROCAE ED-76(A)/RTCA DO-200A(B)?

At what frequency should terrain and obstacle databases be updated?

What are the applicable regulations and requirements for obtaining DAT provider approval?

Is it possible for a legal entity to define two independent organizations, each dealing with specific Database with separate management processes?

In case of tailored data, is it possible to release Test database upon request of the end user and is statement of conformity required for such database?

Does the certification of DAT providers require renewal of the EASA certification or is it a one-off procedure? Following EASA certification, who will audit/monitor DAT providers?

Are VFR flight planning and navigation software under the scope Regulation (EU) 2017/373?

Does any software application used inside an EFB, which is not part of the certified aircraft configuration, require certified DAT?

When flying VFR, what kind of databases fall under scope of Regulation (EU) 2017/373 and which ones are excluded?

Which changes require prior approval and which changes do not require prior approval?