Opinions information

The agency prepares drafts of Opinions in order to assist the European Commission in its preparation of proposals for basic principles, applicability and essential requirements to the European Parliament and to the European Council. The Agency also prepares guidance material relating to the application of implementing rules.

These Opinions to the Commission are Agency Rules. They are submitted to the European Commission, and are listed on this page together with supporting documents produced in the course of the Agency's Rulemaking procedure. A projection of Opinions to be produced in the near future can be found in the European Plan for Aviation Safety.

When the Agency has published an Opinion, the decision-making process is transferred to the European Commission (and thus is continued outside EASA's mandate). In order to follow up on the comitology process, please go to the comitology register. It is advisable to search by year and by Committee only (‘Committee for the application of common safety rules in the field of civil aviation’, which is to be found under the responsible service for ‘MOVE’). As several Opinions may be negotiated in one such committee meeting, it is difficult to search by rule or title.

Most EASA Opinions are handled through the comitology procedure. Amendments to the Basic Regulation, however, are usually handled by the Council and the European Parliament. They normally do not go through comitology procedure (only very simple ones do).