Worldwide initiatives

International Cooperation Forum (ICF)

EASA’s International Cooperation Forum brings together national and regional aviation authorities worldwide that either use or draw inspiration from the EU aviation safety rules and oversight mechanisms.

The objective of this network is to:

  • share information and best practices,
  • create synergies; and
  • identify areas of cooperation

not only between EASA and its international partners but mainly among the authorities themselves. For this, ICF meetings are organised on a regular basis, and are followed-up by continuous communication and technical activities.

Targeted Technical Assistance missions

These targeted missions, performed by EASA, form part of the tools used by the European Commission (DG-MOVE) on the international scene. They complement the EU ‘Safety list’ by providing technical assistance and support for partner states worldwide.

This is done through on-site visits to the partner country in order to:

  • Assess the current situation and identify corrective measures;
  • Prioritise actions and identify resources;
  • Provide tools and technical expertise.

Since 2009, EASA has conducted over 30 missions to countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Resources for countries using EASA regulations

Many countries outside of Europe choose to base their aviation safety regulations on those of the EU, due to their modern philosophy, flexibility and scalability. EASA provides support through the following resources and services:

Access to documents


Technical Cooperation 


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