Aviation Safety Reporting for Individuals

Report an occurrence on my personal behalf

An occurrence can be submitted to the Agency by any individual reporting on a voluntary basis. Before reporting to the Agency, please make sure that you have submitted a mandatory occurrence report to your operator/company or competent authority that has issued, validated or converted your licence.

The European Aviation Safety Reporting Portal provides common reporting forms for individuals to report to their competent authority using a common and simple interface. Please select the EU Member State flag of your competent authority or EASA logo flag to make a voluntary report to the Agency.

The European Aviation Reporting Portal (https://aviationreporting.eu) provides:

  • On-line reporting via a web interface;
  • Off-line reporting using a pdf from that may be downloaded from the portal and, once completed, shall be uploaded to the same portal.

In both cases, the act of submitting the report will trigger a submission report to the competent authority.