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Operational Suitability Data (OSD) for flight crew (FC)

What is the content and purpose of the EASA type rating and licence endorsement lists?

Why do the EASA type rating and licence endorsement lists not contain references to the latest applicable version of an OSD FC document?

Are ODR tables available as part of the operational suitability data (OSD) for flight crew (FC) document?

When should changes to OSD FC provisions be implemented by users to take into account any revised mandatory elements included in a revision?

What is the status of non-mandatory items in the OSD FC? How should users proceed if deviating from non-mandatory items in the OSD FC?

What aspects should be considered when substituting a training level or device described in the OSD FC by another training level or device?

How can I get access to OSD FC documents?


What is the difference between the terms FCL (Flight Crew Licensing) and Aircrew?

Following the introduction of a new variant to an existing type rating, how do pilots attain the privileges to operate the new variant?

How should the new class and type rating list for aeroplanes which is published on the Agency’s website be understood?

How can a third country (non-EU) licence be converted into a Part-FCL licence?

To whom can an appeal against the examination/test/check results be sent?

Could the European Central Question Bank be published?

How can a military licence be converted to a civilian one?

Which licence do I have to hold to become a TRI on a multi pilot aeroplane (MPA)?

Can a co-pilot apply for a TRI rating on a multi pilot aeroplane (MPA)?

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Which pilots need to undergo what kind of UPRT?

To which extent flight synthetic training devices (FSTDs) can be used for UPRT?

Is UPRT also be mandatory for the LAPL and the PPL?

What is UPRT?

Performance-based Navigation applicability

How does my national authority endorse the PBN privileges to my IR?

Cabin Crew

Definition of ‘cabin crew’

What is the definition of ‘cabin crew member’?

Does the definition of ‘aircrew’ include cabin crew members?

Medical fitness

Is Cabin Crew Member required to carry his/her medical certificate when on duty?

Decrease of medical fitness and an ‘unfit’ medical report.

Where can I find the EU medical requirements for Cabin Crew?

Practical ‘raft’ training

Why does Initial training under Part-CC require practical ‘raft’ training even if the operator’s aircraft is not equipped with slide rafts or life rafts?

Instructor and Examiner being the same person – conflict of interest

Instructor who provided any topic of the Initial training should not act as Examiner to avoid conflict of interest. What about small operators / cabin crew training organisations employing only one ground Instructor, for example to cover dangerous goods or aero-medical aspects and first aid?

Cabin Crew Attestation

My Cabin Crew Attestation was issued in EU Member State A. I would like to join an operator in EU Member State B. Is my Cabin Crew Attestation recognised in EU Member State B?

My cabin crew qualification document was issued in a country that is not a member of the European Union and is not an EASA Member State either. Is my cabin crew qualification document recognised in the European Union?

Fire and smoke training

What are the requirements for cabin crew fire/smoke training?

What is the content of fire and smoke training during the Initial training ?

Language proficiency

Is there any requirement on cabin crew member(s) communication with passengers in a certain language?

Do cabin crew members have to be able to speak English to obtain their Cabin Crew Attestation?

Aircraft type training

Do I have to undergo Aircraft type specific training and operator conversion training with every new operator I join if I am already qualified on that aircraft type?

Can a cabin crew training organisation (CCTO) provide Aircraft type specific training and operator conversion training?

Reduction of cabin crew during ground operations

Do the evacuation procedures with a reduced number of required cabin crew during ground operations or in unforeseen circumstances require prior endorsement?

Minimum required cabin crew

Determination of the minimum required number of cabin crew on an aircraft

Working for multiple operators

I work for Operator A and have short/long-term contract(s) with Operator B. What training do I require when I return back to Operator A after the completion of my short/long-term contract with Operator B?

What credit can I get as regards Subject 090 Communications for my IR, CPL or ATPL(H)/VFR?

I have successfully passed the CB-IR theoretical knowledge examinations – what instrument rating can I use this for?

On which learning objectives will my theoretical knowledge training and exam for the ATPL, CPL or instrument rating be based?