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General EASA

How many people work at the Agency?

What is the working language of EASA?

Where is EASA located?

Employment opportunities offered at EASA

What is a Temporary Agent?

What is a Contract Agent?

Is there a probationary period at EASA?

What is a Seconded National Expert (SNE)?

How does the recruitment procedure look like for SNEs?

Does EASA engage with temporary employment agencies?

Overview of the Recruitment process

Visit our Careers portal where jobs are regularly posted. The online application tool is the only acceptable means of submitting an application and therefore, applications received through another channel will not be considered. Before submitting your application check out our tips for applying.

May I submit an unsolicited/spontaneous application?

How long are the vacancies open for applications?

Nationals of which countries are eligible to apply for a vacancy advertised by the Agency?

Are all applications received by EASA treated in the same way?

I have a degree from a country that is not a Member State of the European Union nor an EASA Member State. Am I eligible for a vacancy advertised by the Agency?

My degree/diploma will not be awarded until after the closing date for applications. May I apply?

What language should I use in my application for a post at the Agency?

Do I need to send certified translations of my supporting documents?

Can I edit the information I inserted in my application after I submitted it?

What should I do if I encounter technical problems while submitting my application via the e-recruitment tool?

Will I receive an acknowledgement that my application for a post at the Agency has been received?

How can I check the status of my application?

Will I be notified if my application is unsuccessful?

How does the assessment of applications look like?

I am invited for an interview at EASA. How can I prepare myself?

Can I apply for two vacancies at the same time?

When may I expect an invitation for a pre-selection assessment or interview?

When and where do the interviews and written tests take place?

Will my travel expenses be reimbursed if I am invited for an interview?

I am on an EASA valid reserve list. When can I expect an offer of employment?

I have successfully passed the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) Contract Agent Selection (CAST) exams and I am on an EPSO reserve list. Can I apply for a vacancy at EASA?

How does EASA protect my personal data during the selection procedures?

Does EASA have any age limit for people to apply?

How can I be notified when new vacancy notices are published?

Where can I find more information related to grades and salary, working at EASA and living in Cologne?

Opportunities for graduates

How can I participate to one of your graduate programmes?

Will I be informed about the outcome of my application in any case?

I have been offered to take part in the Junior Qualification or Traineeship programme. Can I postpone the starting date to a later period?

Can the Junior Qualification or traineeship contract be extended?

Can I work part-time during the Junior Qualification or Traineeship programme?

Does EASA provide any kind of accommodation?

What is the salary/ traineeship grant paid by EASA?

Is the traineeship grant paid by EASA subject to national or EU tax?

Does EASA cover the insurance of trainees?

I have applied before for the Junior Qualification or Graduate Traineeship Programme and was rejected. Can I try again?

Is there an age limitation for applying for a EASA Graduate opportunities?

Nationals of which countries are eligible to apply for EASA Graduate Programmes?

I have successfully completed the first three years of a University degree lasting more than three years but will not obtain my diploma by the start of the Junior Qualification or Traineeship programme. Can I still apply?

Which type of University diploma is taken into account for the Graduate Programmes?

I’m moving to Cologne to take part in the Junior Qualification or Traineeship programme. Does EASA cover the cost of travel from my place of residence to Cologne?

What are my prospects of securing employment at EASA after the Graduate Traineeship Placement?