Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC)

Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material adopted by the Agency can be found here.

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What are alternative means of compliance (AltMoC)?

Am I obliged to follow an AMC?

The implementing rule has no corresponding EASA AMC. Consequently, is any means of compliance an AltMoC?

Why should I follow an AMC?

Can competent authorities approve alternative means of compliance (AltMOC) ?

Is EASA the only body entitled to issue AMC?

If a competent authority intends to approve other means of compliance than those adopted by the Agency or if it intends to develop its own means of compliance, is there any obligation on the competent authority to submit these means of compliance to EASA for approval?

Is there any obligation on competent authorities to translate the AMC in the national language, if they decide to implement them?

What happens to current practices and authority approved means of compliance that were established before the entry into force of Regulations, e.g., (EU) 1178/2011 and 965/2012 and which deviate from EASA AMC?