Flying in your country - National Aviation Authorities

This list below states drone website references by country, as supplied by the respective National Aviation Authority (NAA). The overview ensures a quick access to information on drones and details for the registration process.

For countries where the registration process is yet to be set up or the specific link is not available, we provided a link to the National Aviation Authorities’ home page. Additional links and references will be added once they become available.

For updates or questions you can contact us at: drones [at]

FRAUD! Beware, some fraudulent websites have been pointed out to EASA. They offer drone pilot’ licenses, for price and without the need to take an exam. You always do need to take an exam online to become a remote drone pilot competency certificate from a recognized aviation authority. It is also them who award the certificate.

(last update 05/05/2023)

National aviation authority (NAA) drone website reference

EASA Member States 

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) – EASA Member states are the 27 European Union Countries  + 4 ( Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland)