Hamburg - BLU-Space (Blueprint U-Space)

Info Card

Hamburg, Germany

Stakeholder Category
Soon to be funded by national funds,

Stakeholder Name(s)

  • Hamburg Aviation, coordinator
  • Hamburg’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation (BWI)
  • Hamburg’s Ministry of Transport and Mobility (BVM)
  • Hamburg’s Ministry of Interior and Sport (BIS)
  •  Hamburg’s Port Authority (HPA)
  • HHLA Sky GmbH
  • Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS)
  • Karl Koerschulte GmbH

Operational Scope/Business Use Case
U-Space Services enabling UAM in general

Authorised by
German Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV)

BLU-Space makes an essential contribution to safe and economical air mobility by developing the German future unmanned traffic management system. For the first time under real conditions, air traffic data will be linked with data from different sources and platforms. BLU-Space is thus developing cross-interface blueprints with the broad involvement of the drone economy. Administrations will be enabled to initiate U-Space designation procedures.


  • Secure system architecture for UAM
  • Secure regulations for the implementation of drone operations (proposals for the legislative procedure)
  • Profound roles, duties and responsibilities for the different U-Space actors

Ms Daniela Richter
Hamburg Aviation e.V.
Daniela.Richter [at] (Daniela[dot]Richter[at]Hamburg-Aviation[dot]com)