Espoo - Wing Finland operations

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Epsoo, Finland, flying drone from wing

Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland

Stakeholder Category
UAS Operator

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Operational Scope/Business Use Case

  • Goods delivery
  • Foods delivery
  • Drone demonstrations

Authorised by
Operational authorization (SORA) from the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority Traficom.

Wing is running select demonstration operations with drone delivery in Espoo.

According to a study made by Gaia Consulting in 2021, drones could provide 6 percent or more of consumer deliveries and pick-ups in Helsinki by 2030, and bring about several benefits:

  • 11 million fewer vehicle delivery kilometers reducing congestion,
  • Up to 2,000t CO2e reductions yearly, the equivalent of planting 250 hectares of additional forest
  •  38 avoided road accidents yearly making communities safer by taking deliveries off the road and putting them in the sky.

Project website

support-fi [at] (support-fi[at]wing[dot]com)