ETSO authorisations

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How do I apply for an ETSO authorization?

What is an ETSO approval and where can I find the corresponding regulations?

How to start using SEPIAC?

Which costs are related to an ETSO application/authorization?

Organisational approvals

Is the ETSO authorization holder required to hold organisational approvals?

Can an ETSO Authorisation Holder task different production organisations for the production of articles covered by one ETSO Authorisation at the same time?

Can an ETSO Authorisation Holder task different production organisations for the production of different articles covered by different ETSO Authorisations?

Changes to ETSO approval

How do I inform EASA about minor changes?

How do I know whether my proposed change is minor?

My company name has changed. Do I have to apply for a re-issuance of the ETSO certificates?

Change of Ownership of a Part of an Organisation holding a ETSO Authorisation

Change of Ownership of the Design Data of an ETSO Authorisation

Technical requirements

What is a DDP and what information should it contain?

How does EASA process requests for deviations?

How to get the list of deviations that one can use for a specific ETSO?

Which technical documents are mandatory to receive an ETSO authorization?

What other documents are required/advisable?

Product specific questions

Can I apply for an ETSO authorization for articles with embedded military functions?

Can parachutes receive an ETSO authorization?

How shall I maintain my certified emergency parachute?

List of approvals/Grandfathered approvals

How do I know whether my article has received EASA approval?

How do I know whether an approval has been grandfathered?


How do EASA member state organisations apply for a validation of ETSO authorizations in a third country?

What is TSOA/ETSOA reciprocal acceptance?


Where to download ETSO related files?


What is the EASA position on PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) approvals?

What can I do if I do not need the certificate anymore (surrender of certificates)?

What is an EASA form 1?

Where can one obtain a copy of the MOPS for ETSO C109?