Innovative Air Mobility Hub

The platform for sustainable Drone and Air Mobility in Europe

Innovation Air Mobility Hub

The EASA Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) Hub is a unique digital platform that brings together all actors in the European system including cities, regions, National authorities, the EU, operators and manufactures. The primary goal is to facilitate the safe, secure, efficient, and sustainable implementation of IAM practices. It is flagship action number 7 of the Drones Strategy 2.0.

Based on the mandate by the European Commission EASA has created a dedicated Task Force, composed of key participants from all corners of the European IAM ecosystem. These stakeholders represent a diverse range of expertise, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the IAM landscape in Europe. The Task Force is organised around cities and regions and includes also operators, manufactures and national aviation authorities:

Meet the IAM Hub Task Force

City of Aachen, City of Hamburg, City of Helsinki, Region of Lombardy, Region of Paris (Ile-de-France); BMDV Germany, DGAC France, ENAC Italy, FOCA Switzerland, TRAFICOM Finland; Droniq and SKEYES; Aviant, Dronus, Manna and Wing; Airbus, Lilium, Volocopter; Aéroports de Paris, Aeroporti di Milano, Aeroporti di Roma, and UrbanV, as well as the European Commission.

These experts have joined forces to drive innovation, collaboration, and excellence in IAM, bringing us one step closer to realising a safer, more secure, and technologically advanced Europe. Stay tuned for updates and insights from our IAM Hub and Task Force as we work collectively to develop Innovative Air Mobility and Services in Europe.

The platform is comprised of five modules which will be progressively introduced:

  1. Drone and eVTOL Design: The IAM Hub serves as the single source of information for all drones and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles designed for European operations. [New functionality] Critical Area Calculator
  2. Rules and Regulations: Access up-to-date rules and regulations governing IAM practices. [Active]
  3. Knowledge and Info Cards: A repository of essential knowledge, best practice, and insights. [New functionality] Guidance for operators on how to handle privacy concerns.
  4. Operational Information:
    1. How to operate a drone [Active]
    2. [New functionality] Pilot test for operational declarations within the members' area.
  5. Geographical Data: Comprehensive geographical data supporting drone and eVTOL operations in Europe [Release 3]

The system contains key information about safety, privacy, and noise & sustainability in line with the key citizen concerns.

Key benefits

The key benefits of the EASA IAM Hub can be grouped into four main areas:

  1. Connecting Stakeholders
    • Connecting IAM communities - Regulatory, Industry, Cities
    • Sharing best practices and lessons learned between Member States
    • Publication of demand (tenders) and offer (services)
    • Helping IAM integration at different levels of authorities’ ecosystem and managing societal impact through consultation
  2. Supporting implementation
    • Guidelines for on-boarding of all stakeholders
    • Single gateway to regulations, filtered per user and location
    • Fostering of EU rules’ content and format harmonization
  3. Communicating the benefits and impacts
    • Promotion of transparent and robust information on Noise & Sustainability
    • Comprehensive explanation on Privacy, Security & Safety effects
    • Support to local decision-making
  4. Creating a “one-stop-shop” of key IAM data:
    • Product characteristics to facilitate approvals and authorizations
    • Operations information
    • Contacts database
    • Geographical data

The IAM Hub is developed in a two year pilot project. The current first release will be followed by two more releases during 2024 with new functionalities.

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