Certification Memoranda

Certification Memoranda (CM) clarify the Agency’s general course of action on specific certification items. They are intended to provide guidance on a particular subject and, as non-binding material, may provide complementary information and guidance for compliance demonstration with current standards. Certification Memoranda are provided for information purposes only and must not be misconstrued as formally adopted Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) or Guidance Material (GM). Certification Memoranda are not intended to introduce new certification requirements or to modify existing certification requirements and do not constitute any legal obligation.

The hereby presented Certification Memoranda have been accepted by the Agency following a public consultation.

Certification Memoranda Subject Issue Rev. Date Supporting docs (CRD & Proposed Certification Memorandum)
EASA CM–21.A-B-002 Eligibility for type certificate application 01 00 16/05/2023 EASA CM–21.A-B-002

Flight Crew Human Factors Assumptions in Aircraft and System Safety Assessments

02 00 11/05/2023 EASA CM-SA-002 page
EASA CM-FCD-001 Minimum Syllabus of Pilot Type Rating for VTOL-capable aircraft 01 00 10/03/2023


EASA CM-S-011 Compliance with CS 27/29.952 (a)(4) for Helicopter external installations 03 00 14/07/2022


EASA CM 21.A-A-002 Parts Detached from Rotorcraft 02 00 11/07/2022 EASA CM- 21.A-A-002 page
EASA CM-PROP-001 Non-Hazardous Features of Engine Critical Parts 01 00 12/01/2022

EASA CM-PROP-001 page

EASA CM-SA-001 Net Safety Benefit       EASA CM-SA-001 page
EASA CM-21.A-CS-001 Classification of design changes to cabin interiors of Large Aeroplanes 02 00 30/04/2021 EASA CM-21.A-CS-001 page
EASA CM-21.A-D-004 Airplane Flight Manual revisions for changes in mass with and without effect on the certified noise levels 02 00 24/03/2021 EASA CM-21.A-D-004 page
EASA CM-FT-003 Display of attitude at night for VFR approval in rotorcraft 01 00 12/03/2021 EASA CM-FT-003 
EASA CM-21.A-D-003 Hot Air Balloons: Classification of design changes 01 00 18/01/2021

EASA CM-21.A-D-003 


Turbine Engines – High Pressure Turbine Shaft Loss of Load and Rotor Integrity

01 00 20/11/2020 EASA CM-PIFS-017 page
EASA CM-21.A-B-001 Use of real-time remote participation for witnessing of tests and carrying out of inspections 01 00 01/07/2020 EASA CM-21.A-B-001 page
EASA CM-CS-012-001

Air Medical Services with Large Aeroplanes

01 00 28/05/2020 EASA CM-CS-012-001 page
EASA CM–FT-001 Helicopter Night Vision Imaging Systems 03 00 24/04/2020 EASA CM–FT-001 page
EASA CM-PIFS-016 Electrical Wiring Interconnection System 01 00 08/01/2020 EASA CM-PIFS-016 page
EASA CM-AS-011 ATN B1 Data Link Multi-Frequency Capability 01 00 11/12/2019 EASA CM-AS-011 page
EASA CM-CS-010-001 Incomplete Passenger Cabin 01 00 02/12/2019 EASA CM-CS-010-001 page
EASA CM-21.A-D-002  External Installations on Helicopters 01 00 27/09/2019 EASA CM-21.A-D-002 page
EASA CM-AS-009 Certification of aircraft systems with databases 01 00 23/07/2019 EASA CM-AS-009 page
EASA CM-21A/21.B-001 Criteria for the determination of the EASA level of involvement in product certification 02 00 20/09/2019 EASA CM-21A/21.B-001 page
EASA CM-AS-010 FLARM system installations in CS-23, CS 27 and CS-29 aircraft  01 01 03/05/2019 EASA CM-AS-010 page
EASA CM-FT-004 Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System and Ground Proximity Warning System alerting functions for Offshore Operations 01 00 30/04/2019 EASA CM-FT-004 page
EASA CM-MRB-001 Maintenance Review Board Report/ Maintenance Type Board Report Development process 02 00 31/10/2019 EASA CM-MRB-001 page
EASA CM-S-010 Composite Materials - The Safe Design and Use of Monocoque Sandwich Structures in Principal Structural Element Applications 01 00 29/11/2018 EASA CM-S-010 page
EASA CM-21.A-A-001  Parts Detached from Aeroplanes 01 00 29/11/2018 EASA CM-21.A-A-001 page
EASA CM-S-009 Loading Conditions for Occupant Safety in Cabin Interiors 01 00 17/10/2018 EASA CM-S-009 Issue 01 page
EASA CM.21.A-D-001 Interpretation to 21.A.3B(c)(1) and 21.A.103(a)(2)(i) 01 00 20/08/2018 EASA CM.21.A-D-001 page
EASA CM-21.A-E-001 Approved Model List Changes 01 00 15/08/2018 EASA CM-21.A-E-001 page


Evaluation of aisle width with respect to seat installations




EASA CM-CS-007 page

EASA CM-ECS-001 Minimum qualification standards for oxygen cylinders used on board aircraft 01 00 23/05/2018 EASA CM-ECS-001 page
EASA CM-S-012 Certification of Vibration Health Monitoring (VHM) Systems for compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1199 introducing Annex V (Part-SPA) of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Subpart K, Helicopter Offshore Operations (HOFO) 01 00 30/04/2018 EASA CM-S-012 page
EASA CM-SWCEH-001 Development Assurance of Airborne Electronic Hardware 01 02 08/01/2018

EASA CM-SWCEH-001 page


Single Event Effects (SEE) Caused by Atmospheric Radiation

01 00 08/01/2018

EASA CM-AS-004 page

EASA CM-PIFS-013 The integrity of nickel powder metallurgy rotating critical parts for gas turbines 01 00 27/10/2017 EASA CM-PIFS-013 page

EASA CM-ES-003  Guidance to Certify an Aircraft as PED tolerant

01 00 23/08/2017 EASA CM-ES-003 page

Certification, Type Design Definition, Material and Process Qualification for Composite Light Aircraft

01 00 13/07/2017 EASA CM-S-006 page
EASA CM-CS-008 Large Aeroplane Evacuation Certification Specifications – Cabin Crew Members Assumed to be On Board 01 00 03/07/2017 EASA CM-CS-008 page
EASA CM-PIFS-012 Critical Parts – Lifing Shortfall 01 00 30/05/2017 EASA CM-PIFS-012 page
EASA CM-ICA-001 Completeness and Timely Availability of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness 01 00 02/05/2017 EASA CM-ICA-001 page
EASA CM-MMEL-001 Engine Time Limited Dispatch (TLD) and Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) 01 00 24/04/2017 EASA CM-MMEL-001 page
EASA CM-S-008 Additive Manufacturing 03 00 30/04/2021 EASA CM-S-008 page
EASA CM-AS-007 Acceptance of Electronic Flight Instrument Systems that have no equipment approval (ETSO) in Small Aeroplanes (ELA1) 01 00 27/03/2017 EASA CM-AS-007 page
EASA CM-AS-008 Installation of ELTs 01 00 12/12/2016 EASA CM-AS-008 page
EASA CM-PIFS-011 Determination of an Unsafe Condition for Risk of Rotorcraft Engine In-Flight Shut-Down (IFSD) and Power Loss 01 00 30/11/2016 EASA CM-PIFS-011 page
EASA CM-HS-004 CS 27/29.865

Safety considerations covering External Loads

01 00 25/07/2016

EASA CM-HS-004 CS 27/29.865 page

EASA CM-AS-006 Certification of airborne systems using Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) with high energy 01 00 10/06/2016

EASA CM-AS-006 page


Superseded by ED Decision 2020/019/R

Development of OSD for Maintenance Certifying Staff 01 00 29/10/2015

EASA CM-MCSD-001 page


Rotor Drive System – Gearbox “TBO Development”

01 00 28/09/2015

EASA CM-RTS-002 page

EASA CM-S-005 Bonded Repair Size Limits in accordance with CS-23, CS-25, CS-27, CS-29 and AMC 20-29 01 00 11/09/2015

EASA CM-S-005 page

EASA CM-S-007 Post Certification Actions to Verify the Continued Integrity of Rotorcraft Critical Parts 01 00 19/08/2015

EASA CM-S-007 page

EASA CM-CS-25-001 Regulatory Significant Standards Differences for pair CS-25 Amendment 12 vs 14 CFR Part 25 Amendment 1 through 136 01 00 19/08/2015

EASA CM-CS-25-001 page

EASA CM-DASA-001 Vibration Health Monitoring: Prioritisation of Maintenance Alerts 01 00 02/07/2015

EASA CM-DASA-001 page


Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Instructions for Continued Airworthiness




EASA CM-ES-002 page


Turbine Engine Relighting In Flight

01 00 29/04/2015

EASA CM-PIFS-010 page

EASA CM-S-003 Application of Standard Fasteners (nuts and bolts) within the scope of CS-VLA, CS-VLR, CS-23, CS-25, CS-27, CS-29, CS-P and CS-E to be used in Critical Installations 01 00 26/02/2015

EASA CM-S-003 page


Superseded by ED Decision 2018/007/R

Helicopter External Loads Personnel Carrying Device System 01 00 08/12/2014

EASA CM-CS-005 page


Superseded by ED Decision 2019/011/R

Clarifications to AMC 20-27 02 00 28/03/2014

EASA CM-AS-002 page

EASA CM-PIFS-004 Rotorcraft – Oil Low Pressure Warning 01 00 06/02/2014

EASA CM-PIFS-004 page

EASA CM-S-002 Application of CS 25.561 (c)(2) 1·33 ‘Wear and Tear’ Factor - Frequent Removal of Interior Structures 01 00 14/01/2014

EASA CM-S-002 page

EASA CM-S-004 Composite Materials - Shared Databases - Acceptance of Composite Specifications and Design Values Developed using the NCAMP Process 01 00 14/01/2014

EASA CM-S-004 page


Superseded by ED Decision 2018/007/R

Large Helicopter Main Gearbox Certification Requirements 01 00 11/11/2013

EASA CM-RTS-001 page


EASA CM-CS-004 Flammability Testing of Interior Materials 01 00 16/10/2013

EASA CM-CS-004 page

EASA CM-21.A-K-001 Installation of new parts and appliances without an EASA Form 1 in European Light Aircraft 01 00 21/06/2013

EASA CM-21.A-K-001 page

EASA CM-21.A-J-001 Service Bulletins (SBs) related to Airworthiness Directives (ADs) 01 00 21/06/2013

EASA CM-21.A-J-001 page

EASA CM-PIFS-008 Regulatory Differences CS-E vs CFR 14 Part 33 (for validation by EASA of FAA certified engine types) 01 00 28/02/2013

EASA CM-PIFS-008 page

EASA CM-PIFS-009 Fuel Specification Changes 01 00 28/02/2013

EASA CM-PIFS-009 page

EASA CM-PIFS-007 Engine Critical Parts - Damage Tolerance Assessment - Manufacturing and Surface Induced Anomalies 01 00 22/02/2013

EASA Proposed CM-PIFS-007 page

EASA CM-CS-003 Installation of 'Cargo Seat Bags' on Passenger Seats 01 00 14/11/2012

EASA CM-CS-003 page

EASA CM-PIFS-006 Guidance for Rain and Hail Ingestion Testing for Turbine Engines – Short Hail Burst 01 00 02/08/2012

EASA CM-PIFS-006 page

EASA CM-PIFS-005 Guidance for Rain and Hail Ingestion Testing for Turbine Engines – Ice Accretion 01 00 31/07/2012

EASA CM-PIFS-005 page

EASA CM-PIFS-003 Turbine Over-speed Resulting from Shaft Failure 01 00 31/07/2012

EASA CM-PIFS-003 page

EASA CM-AS-001 Quality of Recording of Cockpit Voice Recorders 01 00 12/06/2012

EASA CM-AS-001 page

EASA CM-ES-001 Certification of Power Supply Systems for Portable Electronic Devices 02 00 09/10/2020

EASA CM-ES-001 page

EASA CM-S-001 Compliance with CS-25 Bird Strike Requirements 01 00 11/04/2012

EASA CM-S-001 page


Superseded by ED Decision 2017/020/R

Software Aspects of Certification 01 01 09/03/2012

EASA CM-SWCEH-002 page

EASA CM-PIFS-002 Approval of Engine Use with a Thrust Reverser 01 00 08/03/2012

EASA CM-PIFS-002 page

EASA CM-PIFS-001 Large transport aircraft: Fire withstanding capabilities of composite wing containing fuel tank 01 00 19/12/2011

EASA CM-PIFS-001 page

EASA CM-CS-002 Access to and Opening of Type III and IV Exits on Aeroplanes with Passenger Seating Capacities of 19 or Fewer 01 00 19/09/2011 EASA CM-CS-002 page
EASA CM-CS-001 Use of Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook  # DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 01 00 07/09/2011

EASA CM-CS-001 page

EASA CM-HS-001 Respecting Brake Energy Qualification Limits 01 00 24/08/2010

EASA CM-HS-001 page