Conformity assessment during the transition period

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We assume that all systems in operation before September 13 are grandfathered and only need SoC after major changes. Please confirm.

What happens with the equipment sold by a DPO during the transition period and installed by the ANSP but at the end of the transition period, the DPO is not certified by EASA?

In the following scenario, an ANSP put into service a GE (i.e. ADS-B) with its SoC, in September 2028 the manufacturer is not approved as DPO. Should the ANSP deinstall it and deploy a GE from another DPO?

Does it mean that if during the transition period there is only one DPO but many manufactures, ANSPs are not forced to procure the equipment from that DPO? They can thus procure an equipment from non-DPO manufacturers till September 2028?

For SoC and DoV, we assume that the issuance of existing DoVs will be simply replaced by the issuance of SoCs (at least within the transitional period until 2028, once the DoV or its part are to be change). Is this correct?