Cargo Tracking Devices


This publication provides recommendations and examples, further to the applicable regulation, certification specifications, and AMCs. They have no legal value and are only advisory.

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What are the regulatory conditions to use a Tracker / Cargo Tracking Device on board commercial flights?

What are the changes to AMC1 CAT.GEN.MPA.140 made in 2019 (ED Decision 2019/008/R)?

What are the differences between the three different methods of AMC1 CAT.GEN.MPA.140 (d)(3)? Does my device need to deactivate the radio functions in flight?

When using method (ii), how many "test flights" are needed?

When using method (ii), what does "multiple modes of redundancy" mean regarding the radio suspension in flight?

Can I use the GPS sensor of my device to detect a flight condition when using method (ii)?

In what operational mode should the device be during the DO-160 section 21 laboratory tests?

[Must/Should/Can] EASA [certify/approve/evaluate] my cargo tracking device?