Airspace Usage requirements

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Airspace Usage requirement (ACAS II v7.1)

What does the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1332/2011 require by 01 December 2015?

Is it possible to be exempt from the requirement to be equipped with collision avoidance logic version 7.1 ( ACAS II V7.1) for a limited period of time, for only one flight, for the execution of a ferry flight per maintenance purposes, for the execution of a non-commercial air transport flight (i.e. general aviation flight) or for a State flight? And what if I have technical difficulties to upgrade my aircraft before 01/12/2015?

I voluntarily installed ACAS II V7.0 on my aircraft even it was not required to. Do I have to upgrade to ACAS II V7.1?

Airspace requirements – SPI (Surveillance performance and interoperability)

Where do I find a copy of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 laying down requirements for the performance and the interoperability of surveillance for the Single European Sky (SES) which is known as the SPI IR?

Are there any acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM) to the SPI IR?

What is the scope of the SPI IR with regards to airspace users?

What is the deadline to equip my aircraft with a Mode S transponder?

Does the SPI IR mandate only ADS-B out capability?

Is the SPI IR equipage requirements mandatory only for EU operators?

How do I demonstrate my aircraft is in compliance with the SPI IR?

Does the SPI IR allow operators to postpone implementation?

Does the SPI IR allow for any exemptions from the mandatory equipage requirements?

Do I need to submit my retrofit programme to EASA or my competent authority for approval?

Do I need to notify EASA that my aircraft benefits from retrofit programme implementation deferral or is ‘exempt’?

How should I reflect in the flight plan the status of my aircraft that are benefiting from the transitional arrangements?

If I have a transponder function, which is temporarily inoperative, may I continue to operate?

Is there any more information on MEL for the SPI IR?

Who should I ask if I have further questions on the SPI IR?

Airspace Usage Requirements - PBN (Performance-based navigation)

What is the geographical scope of the PBN IR? In what airspace does the Regulation apply?

Can conventional navigation procedures be used after 6 June 2030?

Is EGNOS the only SBAS to be considered for the implementation of RNP APCH procedures down to LPV minima?

Does the PBN IR require the publication of SBAS approach procedures down to CAT I minima (LPV-200)? Are higher LPV minima acceptable?

Are CAT I approach procedures to be based solely on SBAS as from 6 June 2030? Can landing systems (ILS/GLS) still be used to enable CAT I approach operations after the deadline?

Are helicopter-only procedures required at heliports?

Are specific approach procedures for helicopters (CAT H approach procedures) required by the PBN IR?

How does the repeal of COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 716/2014 impact the implementation of PBN in the single European sky?